Winter Warm Up For Your Home

It’s easy to add warmth to your home with just a few accessories.  After you watch this segment of “It’s All About Home” check out additional decorating tips posted below.

Winter Warm Up – Decorating Tips for Your Winter Home. from Jo Rae Johnson on Vimeo.

Warm up your colors: Rich reds, chocolate browns, deep blues, olive green, mustard oranges.

Add Throws: Stylish as well as useful! Throws come in many fabrics – kids love them    too!  Many have two sides – with one side being the “warmer” side.

Make one!  Get “fleeced” –  Use two pieces, a yard and one-half each. Try a solid on one side and a print on the other.  No Sew! Just need scissors!

They a make and a fun project to do with your children or grandchildren!

Or try a heated throw and “Snuggie” Blanket with sleeves

Cover It: Use a throw to cover stains on your couch or chair. Simply tuck in aroun the cushions and no one will no know the better!

Throw Pillows: Instead of spending money on buying pillows with heavier fabrics, cover your own! Watch the video, I’ll show you how!

No Fireplace? No Problem!  Get candles!  Use a candle screen or a grouping of candles on a tray to create a warm environment in your home!

Bring in some Color! This time of year it can be hard to find flowers blooming  in your yard, but berries and greenery are easy to gather.  Go for a walk and bring in some green, put in a vase and warm up your space!

Light Up: Miss those holiday lights?  Pup some in a basket of pine cones and light up your space!  Spray the pine cones with a cinnamon scent and the lights will help dispense the frangrance into your room.

USE RUGS Bring out those throw rugs to enjoy throughout your home! Animal prints and fur rugs add fun to your rooms and feel great under your feet.


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