The One Year Bible ESV

The One Year Bible: The entire English Standard Version arranged in 365 daily readings

In July of 2005, I began reading my first daily Bible. My goal was to read every day, and not be forced forward by a schedule. I finished that Bible in April of 2007.

I found the reading of God’s Word drew me into a deeper relationship with Him. It enlarged my understanding of His ways, His purpose for me, and His people. Reading the entire Bible changed my life. It can change yours too.

Since reading that first daily Bible, I’ve reached for different versions and formats. I’ve just completed The One Year Bible ESV. This Bible is arranged in daily segments with selections each day from the Old Testament, New Testament, the Psalms, and Proverbs. The English Standard Version is clear, concise, and easy to read. Occasional footnotes aid in understanding.

Although many of the daily Bibles offer this format, I’ve developed a preference for the chronological reading of the Word. The daily readings begin “In the beginning” and end in Revelation and events unfold in the order they actually occurred.

Whether you prefer this format or the chronological one, I encourage you to start a Bible reading plan, and experience God like you’ve never experienced Him before.

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