God Sightings – Gratitude List #21-30

twenty-one   Surprise visit from son Timothy and Bullitt, his new car
twenty-two   The smell of sunscreen
twenty-three  DVR records favorite teaching for later view
twenty-four   Whipped cream from scratch and licking the beaters
twenty-five   Teen daughter Lauren tells me I was right, “Bad company does corrupt good morals.” 1 Corinthians 15:33
twenty-six  Finished reading the Bible through for the third time.
Twenty-seven Green grasshopper startles
twenty-eight  Jesus Calling – Messages that speak to my heart.
twenty-nine  Convertible top down, scarf flying, beach music playing, spring
thirty  Dogwoods remind me – Christ, Cross, Crucified – For Me

  1. Cathee Poulsen, 06 April, 2011

    Jo Rae
    Your site is a breath of fresh air! I love your list of things you are grateful for. Don’t you love what’s happening as you count? And I also love Jesus Calling. Such simple reminders to stay in His presence. Your pictures and posts bring hope and beauty into my life. Keep writing and photographing those simple things that make life sing.

  2. jorae, 06 April, 2011

    Thank you, Cathee!


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