God Sightings – Gratitude List #11-20


Campus Crusade for Christ college students spend the night, add joy, and drive away with my heart

twelve ˜neighbors helping our community – thanks Kathy!

thirteen ˜ daughter, Lauren, enrolls in college

fourteen ˜ butterfly messages from God!

fifteen ˜ Beth Moore’s Bible study “Breaking Free”

sixteen ˜ a call from first born Timothy

seventeen ˜ a repaired wood floor    eighteen ˜ a new refrigerator  nineteen ˜ dinner prepared for me twice!

twenty ˜ pretty in pink   

  1. Craig, 25 March, 2011

    It’s Friday and I’m still reading lists from Ann’s. Glad I made it to yours – you do know btw that you are the only one that spells out the numbers – unique among so many – somehow I suspect that’s not uncommon for you 🙂

    I heart your list, my favorite one this week is fifteen ˜ Beth Moore’s Bible study “Breaking Free” — I’ve never heard a beth Moore teaching – or class – but I know she does amazing work. Every woman I know raves!!! So this one’s the winner. {smile}

    God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

  2. jorae, 25 March, 2011

    Hi Craig! So good to hear from you. Thanks for your comments and for taking the time to read my list. I pray God is blessing you this Friday evening 🙂

  3. Vonda Skelton, 28 March, 2011

    Great list! As a mom, I know how good Number 13 and Number 16 are!! Have a blessed week!

  4. jorae, 28 March, 2011

    Thanks, Vonda! You too~


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