Freeing Words – 4th of July

When I pulled out my decorations for the holiday I discovered I needed new napkins.  I found these bandanas at Hobby Lobby. Words  cover the cloth–words of the benefits we enjoy as Americans–Equal, Citizen, Liberty, Justice, and of course Freedom. Words that express character traits like Truth, Devotion, Genuine, Integrity, and Loyalty. Words that represent icons of our country like Stars, Flag, and Home. Interestingly enough, the most important word of all was missing–God.
The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Flags flying and tabletops decorated with a red, white, and blue theme help remind me of the sacrifices others have made for my freedom. Men like my father who served twenty-one years in the Air Force. His influence and growing up in a military home infused my life with such love of America that my blood bleeds the colors of our flag.
Love of country extends to our next generation as well. Dakota Smith (son of my friend Kaye George Smith) joined the Marine Corps right out of high school and is currently in basic training in Parris Island.
And so did  J.R. Glenn, who ran track with my son Timothy at Mauldin High, and is serving in Kanoehe, Hawaai in the 2nd Battalion 3rd Marines.As I enjoy food and fellowship with friends and family today, I will remember Dakota, J.R. and others who have served our country or are serving now. My freedom cost you something. Some paid with their lives. Some lost their Father or Mother, Brother or Sister, Son or Daughter. Like Jesus paid the price for our sins, you’ve paid the price for our freedom. And like Jesus, you did it willingly. Words like sacrifice, valor, honor, and service come to mind. So if you’ve served or are serving in our military–Thanks.
  1. Anatalia Taylor, 04 July, 2011

    That is so sweet! Thank you for taking the time on creating this. Thank God he is home. Can’t wait to see him!!!

    Our J.R. will be home very soo!!!

  2. Cathee, 07 July, 2011

    Jo Rae
    What a beautiful tribute to our troops, the meaning of Independance Day, and a reminder of what is most important in these hard times. Thank you for taking the time to string these words together and remind us of these things.
    His grace abounds,

  3. jorae, 07 July, 2011

    Thank you, Cathee, for your encouraging words! I almost joined the military myself. I did participate in AFJROTC in high school three years and was Cadet Corps Commander my senion year 🙂 I pray God is blessing you and yours. Take care~


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