Your First and Last Love (God’s Love is Eternal)

Do you remember your first love—the excitement, the joy, the unbelievable feeling that this is too good to be true? I do. My first love was my high school sweetheart.

How exciting it was in the beginning! He wrote poems and drew funny pictures for me. He penned exquisite, lyrical letters, overflowing with the language of love.The summer after graduation I noticed the phone calls were becoming less frequent. The flood of letters, cards, and poetry slowed to a trickle, until one day, he was gone. His mother had sent him to see relatives in Oklahoma, and I was left in the parched desert of my soul. The feelings he once so eloquently professed had quickly evaporated, like rain falling on hot, baked clay ground. I had been forgotten.

In my senior class picture, I wore a necklace that he had given me. Attached to it were the first and the last letters of the Greek alphabet, the Alpha and Omega. When he gave it to me, he said I was his beginning and his end. Now I no longer existed.

Do you long for love that will last? Human relationships will come and go, but God will always be there. Remember, he’s your first love, your forever love. He is your Alpha and Omega.

Originally published in “The One Year Life Verse Devotional”

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