Can You See Me Now? (When You Can’t See God)

“Praise be to the Lord for he showed his wonderful love when I was in a besieged city.  In my alarm, I am cut off from your sight yet you heard my cry.”  Psalm 31:21

Have you ever lost sight of your child in a crowd?  My son was a very active toddler, and used to love to hide among the clothes in department stores.

I’d turn for  a moment and he’d be gone. In a panic, I’d call his name louder and  louder while he sat comfortably on a pile of dresses in the center of a rack.  From his secure vantage point he’d watch, entertained by it all.   I examined the faces of the men and women who surrounded me and looked at each with suspicion.  In no time at all I’d have at least one of them pegged as a kidnapper.

When Timothy decided he was through with his hide and seek game, he’d pull the hangers aside so I could see his mischievous, sweet face.  With a giggle, he would finally answer my call and say those precious words, Mama. His being out of my sight stirred a fear in me everyone in the store understood.  I knew as long as I had him within view, I could give him my protection.  His refuge was with me.

More than likely it’s not clothing that has besieged you, but circumstances in which you have no control.  Perhaps it’s the death of a loved one, the care of an elderly parent, or a child’s homesick calls from far away.  Even the blessings of a successful business and its demands can feel like an avalanche ready to overtake you.

When a fog of circumstances surrounds me and my vision has blurred, I listen for His voice. Sometimes what I see isn’t as important as the knowledge that through any circumstance, God sees me.

  1. Craig, 16 May, 2011

    So so good. “what I see isn’t as important as the knowledge that through any circumstance, God sees me.” THis makes me smile. I know enough to know that I know that He is always there – but amen – sometimes seeing through the hangers is tough – still I know . God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours Jo Rae. These were good, really good words. Thank you.

  2. jorae, 16 May, 2011

    Thank you, Craig! Sometimes, I have to remind myself too! Blessings, my friend.

  3. RJ, 16 May, 2011

    Excellent post, Jo Rae. He’s with us 24/7, whatever the circumstances, and whatever we may think or believe at the time. You have captured an illustration of His children, as the Lord sees us. Our acknowledgement of His presence, if “only” by faith, strengthens the Father-child bond.

  4. Cathee Poulsen, 23 May, 2011

    What a great “observation.” I loved this piece, JR. You’ve drawn a recognizable word picture for all of us. My kids did the same thing when they were little.It’s so good to know God is there and that He’s aware of every little thing going on. Your writing here is not only meaningful but beautiful. Cathee

  5. jorae, 23 May, 2011

    Thanks, Bob!

  6. jorae, 23 May, 2011

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, Cathee. I needed the reminder too – my closet of circumstances has blocked my view lately!

  7. Vonda Skelton, 23 May, 2011

    Now I remember why I love your stories and spiritual applications so much. Great job! 🙂

  8. Linda Greer, 23 May, 2011

    I have been besieged and still there are times of memory when I feel beseiged once again, wishing things had been different in my life. But I know I have my Lord and he sees me, knows my heart, and my true motives in all I do. That is a comfort beyond words for the wrinkles in our walk. Thanks for echoing my recent thoughts.

    Linda G.

  9. jorae, 23 May, 2011

    Thank you for your comment, Linda. I’m glad my words reminded you of God’s constant presence. Take care

  10. jorae, 23 May, 2011

    Thanks, Vonda! I learned from the best…you!


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