All Wrapped Up!



Wrapping Christmas gifts doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are a few tips to help make wrapping up Christmas frugal and fun.



  • Designate – Choose a paper pattern for each person and wrap all of their gifts in their paper. For example, my daughter Lauren loves to text message. How appropriate is this paper with cell phones and text messages! The pink, lime, and turquoise colors make this a fun alternative to traditional Christmas paper.
  • Recycle paper – Many papers can be reused.  Recycle comics from the Sunday paper, toy circulars, aluminum foil from the kitchen, or fabric from discarded clothing for some creative coverings for your gifts.


  • Lose the bag –  Part of the fun of opening presents is tearing off the paper.  A wrapped present  prolongs the unveiling of the gift and adds to the fun for both the giver as well as the receiver. Keep the bags for unexpected gift giving opportunities. Save your boxes this year for next year’s gift giving.
  • Free – Although fewer retail outlets offer free boxes, many still do. Shop retailers who provide boxes for your holiday gifts. Some retailers offer free gift wrap as well. Do your homework.


  • Toppings – Throw a party on your present with icicles! Rebecca, my friend and the owner of Hip Hip Hooray!, taught me this tip. Add a handful of icicles in the center of the bow and tie the bow over the middle. Instant celebration!
  • Circe – The giving of a little gift is a southern tradition. Top your present with a small toy received in a kid’s meal, candy, a fun ink pen, etc. Reuse those bows and ribbons you’ve received from previous holidays.


Of course the best time to buy holiday paper is AFTER Christmas when prices are slashed. Stock up the day after Christmas on all of your gift wrapping items.

How do you wrap up Christmas in your house? Any tips you’d like to share?

  1. Linda Greer, 27 November, 2011

    Do your shopping from December 27th through October 31st, then you have 6 weeks to wrap, mail out, do Christmas cards, etc. It’s a lot easier on your budget for the holidays when all you have to do is pay for postage. No crowds pushing and shoving to dampen your Christmas joy this way! There’s more time to enjoy musical performances, holiday plays, and free activities in your community, too.

    I like doing bags because they can be recycled whereas ripped up paper usually goes in the trash. The dollar store has all bag sizes about 2 months before Christmas, so shop early to get ones with a real Christmas theme. I even recycle the tissue papers, too. Cuts down on the necessity of bows by using colorful and unique bags. And if you forget whose gift it is, just pop out the tissue paper and peek inside.

  2. Debbie King, 21 December, 2013

    Jo Rae…At my home, it’s ALL about the bows! Since I learned to make them, I love to make every gift special by wrapping up boxes and adorning them with big, beautiful bows. Hopefully, every person receiving the gift knows how much I love them by the time it takes to make the bows. I shop yard sales and thrift stores year round for wrapping paper, boxes, tissue, and ribbon…LOTS of ribbon. I am with you that it would be great to do away with as many bags as you possibly can. I, also, love the idea of wrapping everybody’s gifts in their own design of paper. How clever. Will try to remember this next year.


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